• Amanda

A little about me...

I discovered Soma Structural Integration in an effort to deal with the constant pain in my shoulder, neck, and back from a snowboarding injury in 2015. Nine months after the injury, I went through the 11 sessions and couldn't believe how fast the work was reducing my pain and helping my balance. It wasn't until I got an X-ray that I found out my original injury included a torn ligament in my cervical vertebrae (!!)

At that moment, I had some realizations: first, it affirmed that the pain was a big deal and I probably should have listened to my body when the trauma initially happened and gone to the ER :$ and second, that the Soma sessions had helped me come to terms with pain and shifted my body to balance and function better under gravity. The X-ray looked bad but it certainly wasn't how I felt.

Flash forward to now and I'm proud to practice something that has saved my body from getting surgery and consistently proves the inherent healing ability of the body and what can happen when we work fascia and receive therapeutic touch.

Sometimes the injury lets me know it's there and i'm reminded of the trauma, but most days I don't have to think about it, particularly when I'm working with people in sessions. Sometimes I'm thankful for the pain- Beauty has come into my life in unexpected ways and there is so much more to explore.

"There is no quality in this world that is not what it is merely by contrast, nothing exists in itself."- Herman Melville


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