What is Soma?

Soma Neuromuscular Integration® (SNI) is a systematic re-balancing of the body’s fascial web. You may have heard fascia called many things: connective tissue, interstitial tissue, an endocrine gland or organ, extracellular matrix, etc. Through 11-sessions each fascial continuum is addressed. Clients regain freedom of movement and are supported in developing new movement patterns.


SNI clients report relief from pain and restored mobility. We take this further by incorporating mindfulness and sensory awareness to unite your entire mind/body/spirit to promote self-sensing and self-correction. Soma is not simply the act of putting your parts back together.  It is the self-realization that all aspects of you are actively alive and participating.


Sessions are generally one week apart and approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in length. In addition to the actual bodywork, movement re-education, reading materials, journaling and other activities may be used. Each session builds on the previous, so completing the 11-session series is important for receiving the most benefit. Often clients will notice changes from one appointment to the next, with their bodies often eager to receive the next session.

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About Amanda

Amanda Wick attended the University of Washington, graduating with a degree in environmental studies. After a snowboarding injury left her with chronic pain in her shoulder, her father suggested she try a Soma Structural Integration Practitioner. Once she had completed the 11 sessions in the Soma series, her pain was relieved and she decided to leave her job at a law office and dive into the world of Structural Integration. 

Helping others reduce their pain and find peace in their bodies has become Amanda's passion and her goal is to share her work with as many people as possible.